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支持普通模擬RCA輸入,Sony Sountina 外形尺寸大約為 325× 1845× 325mm,支持普通模擬RCA - Sony Sountina - högtalaren som sticker ut från mängden
Gizmo: the Sony Sountina
ROUND SOUND Sony Sountina 1.05m yen (£5,050), Traditional speakers broadcast sound in one direction, so you need to be sitting in just the right
Rapide écoute des Sountina | diisign
Sony’s Sountina speakers aim to be seen and heard
We can normally only see through glass, but Sony’s latest creation shows that we can hear through it too. Fashioned out of glass, the Sountina speaker system promises a new
Sountina: una colonna in vetro e pelle per un suono a 360 gradi | Tecnozoom

Sony Sountina 全方位音箱 · [ i D 公 社 ]

Sony Sountina 外形尺寸大約為 325× 1845× 325mm,配備了配備模擬音頻,重量大約12.5kg,‘究竟到底’哪個音質更好?突發奇想,頻率范圍是 50-20000 Hz,其頻率響應范圍是50Hz-2KHz,官方宣稱這是聽覺領域的一次革新,ソニー、1本の有機ガラス管で音を360度に広げる100萬円のスピーカー「Sountina」を発売 - GIGAZINE


Sountina 開發商 SONY公司 型 號 NSA-PF1 說 明 管狀無指向性揚聲器 概述 該揚聲器具有透明有機玻璃外殼并且具有360度無指向性發聲能力,即高度有1米84,這里不再過多贅述 顯示全部
Sony Sountina | 電器
Sony Sountina
Aunque también hay equipos Blu-Ray más completos que integran todo un sistema de sonido avanzado, nos vamos a fijar ahora en el sistema de altavoces Sony NSA-PF1, también llamado Sountina.
6萬元售價!索尼另類有機玻璃音管-索尼.Sony.NSA-PF1 ——快科技(驅動之家旗下媒體)--科技改變未來
Sountina closeup_red1
Article from Sountina closeup_red1 NSA-PF1 Article by 霜 馮 20 Sony Design Id Design Design Case Car Lights Cool Gadgets Industrial Design Audio Design Inspiration Concept More information More ideas for you Pinterest Today
Sountina NSA-PF1: Sony’s high-end speaker?
Sountina NSA-PF1: Sony’s high-end speaker? It’s not sold in the US, but Sony’s innovative, $10,000 assault on the state-of-the-art speaker design might be a tantalizing glimpse of things to come
音を360度へ広げるスピーカーシステム “Sountina”(サウンティーナ)発売 | プレスリリース | ソニー
Learn more about 360-degree Glass Sound Speakers
Although the Sountina retailed for over JPY 1 million at that time, it was received with great enthusiasm. The Glass Sound Speaker has evolved dramatically since then: it is equipped with an updated version of the Sountina’s technology, is now substantially more compact, has lower sound distortion and has enhanced responsiveness.
SONY 最上級の音の泉 “Sountina” | スタイル
Sony Tube Speaker
Sony is targeting the high end professional setting with their new Sountina speaker. Standing about 3.3 feet high, the Sountina (a combination of “sound” and “fountain”) is an transparent acrylic With sound reinforcement all the rage, especially in professional
Hudobná fontána ako z inej planéty nesie meno Sony Sountina - Obraz a zvuk - Veda a technika -

SONY Sountina TVC-廣告-高清完整正版視頻在線觀看-優酷

SONY Sountina TVC 是在優酷播出的廣告高清視頻,于2010-03-17 22:02:43上線。視頻內容簡介:SONY Sountina TVC 登錄優酷,不了解索尼的晶雅音管或者是大奧的路人請自行搜索,重量大約12.5kg,7月1號上市,同軸,頻率范圍是 50-20000 Hz,那么來到ZOL音頻頻道你很幸運。我們拿到了這款產品
IFA 2008 – Sountina. l'enceinte 360° de Sony - CNET France

索尼目前最貴的晶雅音管產品(NSA-PF1)和森海塞爾的 …

索尼目前最貴的晶雅音管產品(NSA-PF1)和森海塞爾的大奧相比起來,只是好奇,畢竟這問題深究下去很有趣奇妙獨特 ps,只是慣性思維的另一種延伸。如果電腦前的你已經對它產生了濃厚的興趣,即高度有1米84,內置了13cm口徑的低音炮
Sony Sountina 全方位音箱設計_工業設計公司【專業 案例 報價】-來設計
大家都知道索尼Sountina是個昂貴貨,索尼另類有機玻璃音管[圖]_索尼音箱_音頻新 …

索尼NSA-PF1 sountina 晶雅音管 索尼NSA-PF1 sountina晶雅音管 以索尼的風格,數字同軸和光線3種輸入插口,這樣的產品也許已經談不上十足的創意了,尊享品質觀影體驗
SONY Sountina NSA-PF1 晶雅音管開箱照 - 視聽發燒 - Chiphell - 分享與交流用戶體驗
Sony Sountina
Saved from Tomorrow Land Sony Sountina Saved by wang.x 24 Tomorrow Land Id Design Audio Speakers Industrial Design Product Design Sony Gadgets Appliances Design Inspiration More information People also love these ideas
Sony Sountina glass speakers go mainstream
Sony Sountina- Speaker Demonstration- IFA 2008
 · A video demonstration of the Sony Sountina that was announced at IFA 2008 Report Browse more videos Playing next 1:09 IFA 2008 Product Demonstration – Sony XEL-1
Sony Sountina Glass Speaker Rocks You for $10.000
Sony’s Sountina rattles our bones sort of
 · The subtle musical stylings of Sony’s ultra-high-concept Sountina speaker were a bit lost to us as our ears warred against the IFA drone, but what we could hear sounded just fine to us — and

Download Sony Sountina Operating Instructions Manual …

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SONY : Sountina | Sumally (サマリー)

6萬元售價,建議零售價為105萬日元。(約合人民幣7萬元)。 ,光纖和線性 PCM 的數字輸入。售價是 100 萬日元


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