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PARIS MUSEUM PASS __ HOME MUSEES • MONUMENTS MUSEES • MONUMENTS Musées, châteaux, monuments, maisons d’artistes, parcs et jardins Ils n’attendent que vous ! A PARIS EN REGION PARISIENNE PARIS MUSEUM PASS Droits d
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Visit Paris Tourist Attractions with the Paris Museum …

The Paris Museum Pass is a Paris tourist pass which offers visitors direct access to more than 50 top attractions and museums in Paris at a discounted price. This Paris travel card proposes visitors 3 different options with different prices and durations:
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巴黎博物館通行證 Paris Museum Pass|觀光巴士,省下現場排隊買票的時間及大筆入場費,Paris Visite Pass,於有效期限內參觀景點,Paris Visite Pass …

巴黎博物館通行證 Paris Museum Pass|觀光巴士,凡爾賽宮與奧賽美術館等,遊走超過 60 個巴黎景點
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Paris Museum Pass. 2K likes. Discover the world famous museums in Paris and around with Paris Museum Pass. Skip the line and save your time. 60여 개의 박물관 및 관광명소를 뮤지엄패스 하나로 무제한 이용가능! 티켓구매를 위한 기나긴 줄은 이젠 안녕!
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Paris Pass Review 2021: Is It a Good Deal For You?

 · The Paris Pass combines the Paris Museum Pass, the Paris Visite Travelcard, and the Paris Attractions Pass into one convenient sightseeing card. Additionally, it makes buying tickets simple. Instead of purchasing your tickets separately, over 60 of the top attractions in Paris are included on the card – perfect for first-time visitors and those who plan to do a lot of sightseeing.
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Avec le Paris Museum Pass, vous entrez gratuitement dans plus de 50 musées et monuments.Disponible en formule 2, 4 ou 6 jours consécutifs, accédez aux principaux monuments de la capitale ainsi qu’aux collections permanentes et à certaines expositions temporaires des musées.
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按一下以檢視10:21 · Here I am reviewing the 4 day Paris Museum Pass that I used during my week long trip to Paris this August that just passed. ^^
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Paris Museum Pass
We bought a Paris Museum Pass for 4 days, and easily saved money on it using it only for three days. One of those days was the arrival day, but we arived at CDG at 7:00am. The pass does cover key sights such as the Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame towers, etc.
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Paris Museum Pass
Like the ComboPass® the Paris pass has the Paris museum pass and the public transport pass for zones 1-3 of the public transport system and a River Seine cruise. What you don’t get with Paris ComboPass® is a day on the Big Bus Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus and a further Paris attractions pass that covers an additional 8 attractions not covered by the Paris museum pass, (but not the …
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Paris Museum Pass The Paris Museum Pass is a tourist card that gives its users free entry, skip the line access and the possibility of entering any of the 50 monuments and museums several times. You can get a 2-day, 4-day or 6-day card.
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The Paris Pass includes everything in the Paris Museum Pass and then some. Additional monuments include the stunning Paris Opera House and panoramic views at the Montparnasse Tower, as well as the opportunity to take a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, a sightseeing river cruise, and even a …
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The Paris Museum Pass will give you free access to the permanent collections of the 60+ museums and monuments located within the Paris area for 2, 4 or 6 days. The Paris Museum Pass only provides unlimited access to the permanent collections, not to temporary exhibitions (in the exception of some museums such as the Orsay Museum).
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List of museums in Paris
There are around 130 museums in Paris, France within city limits. This list also includes suburban museums within the “Grand Paris” area, such as the Air and Space Museum.The sixteen museums of the City of Paris are annotated with “VP”, as well as six other ones also accommodated in municipal premises and the Musées de France (fr) listed by the ministry of culture are annotated with “MF”.
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With the Paris Museum Pass, you can enjoy access to the best of the city’s museums and monuments without queuing up or paying for tickets. Discover some of the world’s most celebrated artworks in the largest and most iconic museum in the world, the Louvre, walk through the bright corridors of modern art at the Pompidou Center and be mesmerized by the kaleidoscopic lights of the medieval
,楓丹白露宮⋯等許多享譽國際重要巴黎景點地標,巴黎聖母院,請於指定地點兌換成實體票券 立即訂購巴黎博物館通行證,在巴黎市中心領取,使用期限可以內免費參觀超過60個巴黎景點,凡爾賽宮,其中包含 羅浮宮,直接使用,包含著名博物館門票,遊走超過 50 個巴黎景點,聖米歇爾山套票 法國 – 巴黎 電子憑證將寄送至 Email 信箱,提前預訂並在方便的巴黎市中心即可取票。
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【巴黎博物館通行證】Paris Museum Pass使用攻略&推薦景點,Seeing Paris with the Paris Museum Pass
The Paris Museum Pass
No, the Paris Museum Pass only gives you admission to museums and monuments included in it. If you want to have the use of an audio guide or take part in a guided tour during your visit, any supplement will be at your expense.
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Paris Museum Pass(巴黎博物館通行證) 是來法國巴黎推薦必買票券,觀光遊船,部分景點還可走快速通道入場,羅浮宮


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