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Diocesan Boys’ School
School Social Worker Mr. Kit Lau Ms. Stella Chu Senior University Counsellor (Local) Ms. Miranda Lam University Counsellor (Local) Ms. S.M. Chu Ms. Eleanor Hung Mr. Alex Kong Ms. Sharon Law Ms. Florence Wong University Counsellor (Local) & Sportsman

香港神託會培基書院 Stewards Pooi Kei College
 · PDF 檔案香港神託會培基書院 Stewards Pooi Kei College School Characteristics School Management I.To foster students to be active learners; II. To implement positive education to promote the holistic wellness of students; III.To develop a professional learning community.

為未受語文訓練的受訓教師開辦的師資培訓課程_圖文_百 …

為未受語文訓練的受訓教師開辦的師資培訓課程_教育學_高等教育_教育專區 83人閱讀|10次下載 為未受語文訓練的受訓教師開辦的師資培訓課程_教育學_高等教育_教育專區。為未受語文訓練的受訓教師開辦的師 …

GPA Calculator – Academic Advising Office

This easy-to-use GPA calculator performs two functions: SGPA/ CGPA Calculator: Key in the estimated letter grades for the courses you have enrolled in this semester/ this academic year.The System will then inform you the projected Semester GPA and

教育行政與政策學系 Department of Educational Administration …

 · PDF 檔案I–D–1 教育行政與政策學系 Department of Educational Administration and Policy 學系辦事處 Department Office,Tailor-made Gown for your own doll – VIGE


Its first Postgraduate Diploma in education (PGDE) course started in 1998 and it now offers four such diploma programmes covering both primary and secondary levels and full-time/part-time delivery
Tailor-made Gown for your own doll – VIGE
2018 DSE Math Paper 1 Mock and Solution.pdf - Knight Mathematics Limited Company Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination MATHEMATICS ...
PGCE/PGDE in Hong Kong Universities
 · I am able to do a full-time PGDE/PGCE course as I am still young enough to be supported by parents (lucky me!). I want to apply for the 2017 intake for the PGCE/PGDE programs in Hong Kong. I contacted CUHK and BUHK, however they teach core courses in both Chinese and English.

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund
HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund With a view to attracting outstanding local students to advance their studies at home, and meritorious non-local students to pursue higher education opportunities in Hong Kong, the Government established in 2008 the $1



Studies on school leadership in Hong Kong have mainly focused on primary and secondary schools, with only a handful of studies looking at leadership in early childhood education.

HKIEd Final Report 20090113
 · PDF 檔案senior secondary and 4-year undergraduate academic system AUCC Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada OUHK Open University of Hong Kong, the PGDE Postgraduate Diploma in Education PolyU Polytechnic University, the Hong

The difference between a PGCE and a PGDE?
Hi, The PGDE is the equivalent of a PGCE. The qualifications were renamed in the 2007 review of Post Compulsory teacher training and became Level 6 Diplomas. They are commonly called PCET qualifications – Post Compulsory Education and Training. From April

This is to announce that the following programmes listed in Annex …

 · PDF 檔案Revised Annex 3: Approved Postgraduate Programmes in Subject Knowledge for English/ Chinese Language Teachers This is to announce that Annex 3 of the Circular Memorandum No. 54/2004 (i.e. list of approved Postgraduate Programmes in Subject Knowledge

持續進修基金課程 CEF
HKU SPACE 是香港擁有最多持續進修基金 (CEF) 可發還款項課程之專上院校, 高級文憑或學士學位程度專上課程。本計劃旨在向合資格的學生提供資助, 何添樓209室 Room 209, Ho Tim Building 電話 Tel. no.: 3943 6953 傳真 Fax. no.: 2603 6761 電郵 E-mail: [email protected]

St. Paul’s Co-educational College School Report for 2019-2020

 · PDF 檔案2 Staff 1. Staff Changes Member of staff recruited w.e.f. 1 September 2020: 1. Ms Chan Nam Tung, Teacher of Chinese (PGDE, OUHK; MEd in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, HKU; BA in Chinese Language & Literature, CUHK) 2. Mr Chung Long Hin, Teacher of English (BA&BEd in English Studies and English

Supporting the underachieving gifted

 · PDF 檔案secondary schools for over 20 years, a member of various task forces in CDI and a project manager in Ministry of Education, New Zealand for external school review. He has been a guest lecturer at CUHK and OUHK as well as the speaker of over 200 workshops


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