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OCaml Batteries Included documentation. OCaml Batteries included (or simply “Batteries”) is a community-driven effort to standardize on an consistent, documented, and comprehensive development platform for the OCaml programming language. For the moment
GitHub - sanette/bogue: GUI library for ocaml based on SDL2

OCaml package documentation

OCaml package documentation tls 0.12.8 tls-mirage 0.12.8 0.12
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CS 242: OCaml setup

OCaml and OPAM are already installed with the correct versions on the Rice machines if you followed the Rice setup guide. 2. Install OCaml packages We use OPAM to manage OCaml packages and install new OCaml versions. opam init -y opam switch 4.05.0
GitHub - camlunity/ocaml-quickcheck: OCaml QuickCheck

About This Site – OCaml

OCaml.org is currently managed through GitHub and the infrastructure mailing list. To submit content to the site, please fork the site and use GitHub’s pull request mechanism to submit content. It will be reviewed by one of the ocaml.org team members and merged.
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Docs – OCaml

The OCaml Tutorials The official OCaml tutorials (chapters 1 to 6 of the manual), written by the creators of the language, are the best place to start. They form a complete introduction to programming in OCaml, including the module system, objects, polymorphism, etc.
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OCaml Tutorials – OCaml

OCaml tutorials Your Help is Needed Some of these tutorials need updating and tutorials on new topics are needed. You can contribute by visiting this project’s repo on GitHub; you may use the issue tracker there to request or offer new tutorials.
GitHub - didier-wenzek/ocaml-kafka: OCaml bindings for Kafka

Install OCaml – OCaml

Install OCaml The latest version of OCaml is 4.12.0.For more information about this release, see the 4.12.0 page. The OCaml compiler and libraries can be installed in several ways: With OPAM, the OCaml package manager (recommended).With a system package
OPAM Packages – OCaml

Releases – OCaml

See also the install page for instructions on installing OCaml by other means, such as the OPAM package manager and platform specific package managers. OCaml 4.12.0, Download, released Feb 24, 2021. OCaml 4.11.2, Download, released Feb 24, 2021. 4.11
GitHub - ProjectsInScala/Pwr-Scala-Ocaml

Real World OCaml

He was on the original team that developed the Xen hypervisor, and he helped develop an industry-leading cloud management toolstack written entirely in OCaml. This XenServer product has been deployed on hundreds of thousands of physical hosts and …
GitHub - fhelwanger/ocaml-reason-wsl: Workarounds to use ocaml and reason on windows through WSL

2020 – OCaml

OCaml 2020 The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, August 28th, 2020. The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop brings together the OCaml community, including users of OCaml in industry, academia, hobbyists
GitHub - vincent-hugot/qtest: Inline (Unit) Tests for OCaml

esy · Easy package management for native Reason, …

Easy package management for native Reason, OCaml and more esy 0.6.8 Getting started Docs Blog Community GitHub esy Easy package management for native Reason, OCaml and more Get Started How it works package.json Driven Familiar npm
GitHub - nojb/riscv-ocaml: RISC-V port of the OCaml system


Docs GitHub css-parse Parse and print your css in OCaml and JavaScript css goes in json comes out No competition If you want to parse css in OCaml, you …
GitHub - cs51project/ocaml-chess: Learning Chess Engine in OCaml

Dune knows OCaml and its ecosystem

Dune knows OCaml and its ecosystem Dune has rules that precisely capture how the OCaml toolchain works. It is able to interoperate with most of the existing tools like OPAM, merlin, reason, and js_of_ocaml. Dune is fast Dune works hard to do things once and in
Github Tutorial What is GitHub - YouTube
The homepage of opam, a package manager for OCaml How to install opam This page describes how to install and configure opam. For further help on how to use opam, either read opam –help or move on to the Usage guide. Upgrading from a previous version
OCaml for Windows - ocaml-env
OCaml (deprecated)
ocaml.lintDelay: Time to delay lint when made changes. ocaml.lintOnChange: Do lint when made changes. ocaml.lintOnSave: Do lint when save document. Tips 1). In VS Code, *.ml is associated to F# by default, You need manually config this in settings.json
OCaml Blockly - OCamlとBlocklyを相互変換できるビジュアルプログラミング環境 MOONGIFT

Coq Of Ocaml

Import OCaml programs to Coq ? ?


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