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Encyclopedia Dramatica is a terrible website that …

That kinda shit gives stoner a bad rap. 26.2k 3.6k comments share save hide report 23.5k Posted by 3 days ago 17 If you are pirating something that isn’t available in your country then it is perfectly fine to do it. As the title says, I don’t see any wrong in pirating I
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Forum: Who Hates Encyclopedia Dramatica?
 · Encyclopedia Dramatica, on the other hand, is a site where there’s a lot of drama. I joined that site at some point this year so I could try to wreck it, but I got banned after I wrecked just one page.
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Encyclopedia Dramatica user hit with £10k damages …

 · Encyclopedia Dramatica is one of the more amusingly offensive destinations on the web. Imagine what happens when you combine early 4chan users, Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary. Full of savagely offensive material, ED has been a mainstay of a …
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Encyclopedia Dramatica Reviews
3 reviews for Encyclopedia Dramatica, 2.3 stars: ‘I just want to make it known that people will often use this wiki as a weapon. If they don’t like you, they’ll threaten to make a page about you here and when somebody does, reporting it to the administrators is pointless because they will do absolutely nothing. Harassment is a very common result of having an article written against you, but in
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Encyclopedia Dramatica Owner May Face Charges …

 · Encyclopedia Dramatica is a pretty freaked out place, and completely understand anyone who after seeing it once, would never want to go there again. On the other hand, it’s just a bunch of
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Encyclopedia Dramatica (Encyclopedia)
The Encyclopædia Dramatica, known simply as Dramatica or ED, is a controversial encyclopedia developed at least 100 years ago in mid-18th century France at the height of the Enlightenment. It served the purpose of cataloging all the popular subjects in upper class French society and summarizing them in lewd, brusque, and often pornographic ways.
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Encyclopedia Dramatica (Website)
The Encyclopedia Dramatica was founded by a bunch of 4chan shitholes who were butthurt when Wikipedia wouldn’t let them post an article about some LiveJournal faggot.No further details necessary. Srsly, that sums it up nicely. ED is dead [] In early 2007, the admins started putting up fake “We desperately need moar money” banners on top of the pages to scam money out of their dumbass …
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Encyclopedia Dramatica
 · Encyclopedia Dramatica is the crowning #1 spot currently on the internet today regarding the dirt and low down on various occurrences in chan and online drama. A greatly unfunny and English speaking normalfag run wiki type encyclopedia, attempting to be the
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Urban Dictionary: Encyclopedia Dramatica

Parody of Wikipedia. Some pages are funny, whilst others are OMGWTF/CRY/CRY/CRY Pretty much all of what has been posted here. I won’t say more about those aspects. It’s ironic that sometimes they cause people to embrace the very things that are derided
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Encyclopedia Dramatica
 · Response to Encyclopedia Dramatica 2009-05-11 21:19:01 At 5/11/09 08:58 PM, BananaBreadMuffin wrote: Huh, seems the whole of ED is down. They appear to be asking for $5k.
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petition: Delete Encyclopedia Dramatica

Delete Encyclopedia Dramatica by: Michael Klein recipient: encyclopediadramatica.es This website is extremelly offensive and vulgar. It is spreading false gossip about many different people who just want to make a positive difference for the good of our It is
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Encyclopedia Dramatica blocked in Australia : …

Yeah I use Optus and I can’t even go on Encyclopedia Dramatica. level 1 1 point · 1 year ago No home internet for a few weeks, optus mobile until it’s up, can’t change dns, f me.
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Dramatica is a theory of storyform creation that forces the writer through various choices to narrow down the potential storyform until it’s manageable. It postulates that every story is the exploration of an argument from multiple angles, until a single solution is
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What is Encyclopedia Dramatica?
 · Bad news for people who share a Netflix password HS announcer hurls slurs during anthem kneel Hence the name, Encyclopedia Dramatica. They like to Dramatize. 5 0 NariKami 7 years ago I didnt know there was such a sick and offensive site on the I cant
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Is Cyberbullying Really That Bad?

websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica prove that cyber bullies go above and beyond simple words. Breaking into private photobuckets and posting the photos for all to see, being moles on private forums or journals and posting for the world to see, even so far as finding names and addresses or documents meant to be private and POSTING THEM FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, thus BREACHING PRIVACY.
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Encyclopedia Dramatica

I had a lot of work to do…he said my inking was bad, my color theory was terrible and I’d never be a ‘professional.’ Well, I’ve made my Encyclopedia Dramatica would liek 2 thank Ben for the opportunity to interview him. Ben’s work can be found, viewed and If


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