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Jaundice that appears in the first 24 hours of an infant’s life is quite serious and usually requires immediate treatment. Jaundice that appears later can be normal and often clears up without treatment. However, persistent jaundice beyond the second week of life
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How Do You Treat Jaundice in Newborns?
Sunlight is the best treatment for jaundice. In the hospital, your baby has several treatment options depending on the severity of the condition: Phototherapy – This is a special light that helps your baby’s body process bilirubin better. He or she will wear only a diaper and special eye protection so that almost all the skin is exposed to the light.
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Neonatal Jaundice
Treatment can be very simple from increasing the baby’s water intake and modifying the feeding to very complex treatment. The choice of treatment is made according to the severity of the jaundice, the cause for the increase of bilirubin or the type of bilirubin.
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 · Jaundice is when your baby’s skin turns slightly yellow due to excess bilirubin in his bloodstream. Learn more here about the causes, signs, and treatment of jaundice. Jaundice is very common in newborn babies, and most often it’s the kind that will clear on its own
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 · Infant jaundice treatment Most of the time, treatment for jaundice isn’t needed. Mild jaundice usually goes away on its own in 1 to 2 weeks. For more serious cases of jaundice, your baby might need treatment at the hospital. Most babies who need treatment for
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The phototherapy is a very effective treatment for newborn baby jaundice. During the phototherapy process, the physician or medical specialist will wrap the baby eyes with eye protector. When the newborn baby is laying under the blue light, the blue spectrum light will change the bilirubin to lumirubin.
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Phototherapy for Jaundice in Newborns
 · Discuss treatment options with your baby’s healthcare providers to decide what care you want for your baby. The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments.
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It follows that prevention and effective treatment aims to reduce the harmful effects of jaundice on newborn babies and the duration of hospital stay, beneficial to families and the NHS as a whole. Although phototherapy does not appear to cause serious side effects, some recent animal and cell culture studies have raised concerns regarding its potential to damage DNA (Armanian, 2019).
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Baby’s skin is sensitive, and sun exposure may easily cause irritation or burns in your baby. If the baby is having clinically significant jaundice requiring treatment, the treatment should be delivered utilizing equipment that can provide light therapy in a measured
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When a baby is born with yellowish eyes and skin, most moms and dads start to panic. This yellow discoloration in a newborn is called jaundice, and it’s a common issue.
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Jaundice in babies
Jaundice treatment NHS Choices advises that you speak to your midwife or doctor if you think your baby has developed the illness. Treatment will only be necessary if your baby’s bilirubin levels are particularly high, so they needed to be tested for that.
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Jaundice in newborn baby Introduction: Jaundice in newborn is the yellowing of skin and eyes of a baby.This is a very common thing, particularly in babies. Obviously, a high level of bilirubin is the cause behind jaundice in newborn. Bilirubin is a yellow-colored pigment. is a yellow-colored pigment.
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The most common treatment of jaundice is phototherapy – exposure to light. In a hospital are used bililights Levels of bilirubin of 20 mg/dl or greater may be dangerous for the infant and in some cases might affect the nervous system but it depends on the cause of jaundice.
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Exposing the baby to direct sunlight is often the most simple treatment method to help speed up the processing of bilirubin. For cases of jaundice that are more severe or which do not clear up on a normal time frame, doctors will need to intervene with additional levels of treatment.
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Baby Friendly Jaundice Treatment Tips
Here’s a few baby friendly jaundice treatment tips I learned during my 2 day postpartum hospital stay that are simple and can be used immediately. When I was expecting Mercy, my third child, I had planned on having a homebirth. However, we ended up transferring to a local hospital “for a little pit” (pitocin) to augment my wimpy labor.
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JAUNDICE TREATMENT The goal of treating jaundice is to efficiently and safely reduce the level of bilirubin. Babies with mild hyperbilirubinemia may need no treatment at all. Babies with higher bilirubin levels will need brief treatment, which is described below.
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Jaundice in the Newborn Baby
Most babies will need no treatment at all and the jaundice will disappear by the time the baby is two weeks old. However a small number of babies do need some treatment. If it is decided that your baby does require treatment for jaundice because the bilirubin level is higher than expected, your baby will be treated in hospital with phototherapy.


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